Available and now shipping: DeviFlexRapid — Continuous High Speed Non-Magnetic Survey

Available and now shipping: DeviFlexRapid — Continuous High Speed Non-Magnetic Survey

NEW: Gone are the days when the survey tool had to stand still at each survey station to log data. The DeviFlexRapid can be moved continuously without stopping from start to end of hole, and back again.

DeviFlexRapid is a package consisting the highly popular non-magnetic DeviFlex Auto-Rotate survey instrument, the smart DeviCounter and QA processing software. With these three technologies combined, the user can perform high accuracy surveys at a fraction of the time previously needed.

 This non-magnetic strain gauge survey tool is not affected by magnetics making it ideal for in-rod surveying, eliminating the guess-work associated with magnetic single/multishot survey instruments.

Advantages of DeviFlex RAPID

  • Inexpensive conversion from Auto-Rotate (Helix) or Standard DeviFlex
  • 5 x faster than conventional surveying – DeviFlex RAPID can be lowered or pumped surveying continuously at up to 45m/min
  • 17 stage Quality Assurance at-rig processing software with PASS/FAIL check
  • Drillers are reporting 10% more drilled meters per shift
  • Less manual handling – no rod pulls required in uphole surveying
  • Highly robust, reliable and accurate technology
  • Quick-connect system for faster assembly and perfect wheel alignment
  • Simple and intuitive software
  • Less expensive than gyros
  • Runs like a inner tube and survey the holes at fast speed


For Deviflex owners: You can upgrade your old Deviflex to become a Deviflex Rapid:

Upgrade components

The components below are included in the upgrade, and are required to convert a DeviFlex Standard or Auto-rotate to a DeviFlex RAPID: 

  1. DeviFlex update – firmware upgrade, quick-connect and recalibration
  2. DeviCounter – a wireless depth encoder outputting constant depth data to the PDA
  3. Updated DeviSoft – to include the continuous measuring and depth display
  4. Rapid QA Pro Software – providing the customer with high-quality survey data checks and output processing
  5. For older DeviFlex tools without Auto-rotate – Auto-rotate wheel housings

Not included, but highly recommended for daily use of the DeviFlex RAPID:

Rig Aligner (DeviSight on surface or DeviAligner for UG) – High precision reference azimuth for DeviFlex RAPID

Ask your Devico agent for pricing for the upgrade options.