DeviShot™ — Most Advanced Single & MultiShot instruments in the industry

DeviShot™ — Most Advanced Single & MultiShot instruments in the industry

This most versatile rugged instrument features a low voltage wireless communication system with Brilliant Blue Technology (BBT), a robust Titanium STRUCTURE with integrated running gear, limited maintenance, quality control of survey data, LED indicator for communication, battery control..

Available now in 30 mm or 35 mm diameter The DeviShot is designed with user-friendliness in mind and comes assembled and ready for use straight from the box. The integrated running gear enables operation at great depths, while an efficient BBT activation system ensures minimal power consumption and long battery life.

The DeviShot comes equipped with the IP67 rated Nomad PDA system and the highly flexible DeviSoft.Mobile software. It can be used in most situations and will for instance easily operate as single shot, multi shot, with constant or variable depth interval, and for surveying in and/or out. The instrument is ready to go as it is, regardless of whether you want to survey exploration boreholes, grout curtains or blast holes.

The DeviShot is using Brilliant Blue Technology to communicates wirelessly with the PDA and the results can be viewed on the PDA screen in the field once the data is downloaded from the tool. The results can thereafter be transferred to a USB-memory stick and given to the client, or further processed in DeviSoft, analyzed and plotted.

Technical Specifications

Features in the 2 sizes:

  • Wireless and cable communication system
  • Brilliant Blue Technology with LED indicator
  • Titanium Structure – Heavy duty components
  • DeviSoft Mobile: Multi language Software- easy software