Service center Almazgeobur

Service center Almazgeobur

Service center Almazgeobur works in Khabarovsk and offers a full range of services for maintenance, repair and overhaul of drilling rigs and components for drilling.

The material and technical base of the service center allows for high-quality overhaul and maintenance of drilling rigs in time.

In a warehouse of the service center there is full range of spare parts and components for drilling rigs from the leading producers.

For service and maintenance our specialists use only componrnts and spare parts of the original production, which allows to ensure a long service life of the equipment after repair.

Before carrying out repair work, it is mandatory to diagnose drilling rigs or using special equipment, so that experts with high accuracy determine the problem and also identify the cause of its occurrence.

Main direction

  • Repair and modernization of drilling rigs with guarantee

  • Repair of units (hydraulic system of drilling rig, rotator, transmission, washing pump, cargo winches) with warranty

  • Consultations on maintenance and use of equipment from leading manufacturers

  • Training of personnel

  • Operational assistance

Our advantage:

  • High quality service;

  • Highly qualified personnel;

  • Repair and maintenance in time for the client, using only original spare parts and components;

  • Own spare parts warehouse allows to operate with minimum repair time without downtime.

Service center Almazgeobur has all the necessary equipment, materials and huge experience in realizing services on a professional level.

We carry out only high-quality repair and maintenance of all components and parts of drilling rigs and strive to minimize downtime during repair and maintenance.

For advice, please contact the company in any convenient way for you.

We will be glad to provide you with highly qualified service!


The Head of the Service Center

Almazgeobur LLC
Sergey Kavetskiy

+7 914 400 2204